Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BzzAgent: Glade

Coming at you with another BzzAgent Review  This time, Bzzagent sent me two Glade Products to try.  I must admit that I am not one to use smelly stuff in my house.  It usually just gives me a headache and mixes with the smells it is trying to cover and is totally unappealing.  So with that in mind, I had mixed opinions of the Glade products.
The first product I tried was the Glad Expressions Oil Diffuser in Lavender & Juniper Berry.  It is basically a little vial of oil that you set in a pretty little stand and the smell diffuses throughout the house.  The first few days were exactly as I expected.  The smell was way too overpowering.  It gave me a headache and any time I walked into my living room, I wanted to run away.  But after the first few days, it toned down.  Then I moved the diffuser to the kiddo's bathroom.  That was a mistake.  It was much too small of a space, and combined with stinky bathroom smell was not any good.  If you are into smelly stuff in your home though, it might not be so bad.
Then I tried the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist in Cotton & Italian Mandarin.  This is just a spray that you can use whenever you need an extra boost of smell good.  I preferred this so much more.  I appreciated the cotton smell and I liked to be able to control when I felt I needed it.  It also didn't linger and make the room smell....interesting...when combined with unpleasant smells.
In conclusion, maybe I shouldn't be buying smell good stuff for my house.  But I would definitely recommend the Fragrance Mist...or at least the Cotton & Italian Mandarin flavor.  Or just stick with Bath and Body Works, which is what I will probably do, when in the mood for something smelly (and I mean that in the best way possible).

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