Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Back.

After a glorious holiday and a few weeks of computer woes, I am back.  Things have been pretty slow in the couponing world so it was probably a good time for both of our family computers to go on the fritz (if there is anything as a 'good time' for that).
So my thought this week is:  What to do when nothing good seems to be on sale?
This happens from time to time.  Usually at least one week of the month.  Lately it seems to be happening a lot.  It seems like sales are slim on the ground.  I am hoping this is the calm before the storm and that I will see some good sales in the run up to Christmas.  But in order to stay postive, I am telling myself that it is much easier to stay on budget if there is nothing to buy.
So this is what I do when I am not letting the ads dicatate what I buy:  I make a list of the items that I need for the next weeks meals.  It is usually a small list since I try to keep lots of staples and all of my meats in stock at home.  Now this is the tricky part.  Everyone has a different opinion on where is the least expensive place to shop in general.  Some say Wal-Mart.  Some Fry's (Kroger).  And I personally like Winco.  Winco doesn't have ads and you have to bag your own groceries to help keep costs down.  I like it, but it's not for everyone. 
So my little shopping partner, Brisbane (he's one and a half), are off to Winco for a little shopping trip tomorrow.  I will post my trip from tomorrow after we get back to show a trip that is more than just Hamburger Helper and chocolate chips (although is that really such a bad thing?).

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