Saturday, December 1, 2012

December--Week 1

I didn't use a single coupon on this trip.  I just made a quick run to my favorite store for some things we need for meals next week.  This is what I got:

Sour Cream
5 lbs of oranges
Bag of Spinach
2 packs of shredded cheese
3 packs of pop rocks
Hot Dog buns
Off Brand Fruit Loops
Fruit Leather (not pictured)

The Borax, Pop Rocks, and Fruit Loops are for activities I am doing with my kids next week.  The rest of the stuff is all I needed for meals.  I spent $18.29 out of pocket this week.
I have more money in the budget this month, so I am going to make a quick coupon trip on Monday to Fry's for some things for the stock pile.
I will also post what we are eating next week for dinners, it doesn't look like much.  Even I am surprised by how little I needed to buy this week.

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