Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

I am a bit behind on all things blogging, so Monday Meal Plan is now Tuesday Meal Plan.  But without further delay, here it is:
Saturday:  Hot Dogs & Oven Fries.  The hot dogs were free from forever ago and the oven fries were part of my Alexia BzzAgent Kit.  So all I had to buy was hot dog buns.
Sunday:  Marinated Chicken & Mashed Potatoes.  My inlaws brought us some potatoes from their garden and I used my Zaycon chicken.
Monday:  Pancakes & Sausage.  Love the Bisquick Shake n' Pours that I got cheap a few months ago.  Very quick meal on a night that Dad isn't home.
Tuesday:  Spinach Salad with Pinapple and Chicken.  I am counting calories and so I am trying to incorporate a salad each week.  Plus I love Spinach!
Wednesday:  Tacos.  Remember those free taco shells I got the week of my first posts?  Plus, my kids l.o.v.e. tacos!
Thursday:  Chicken Helper.  I got these free last month and wanted to try them.  So why not?
Friday:  Leftoevers.  My husband is out of town and so I am anticipating a lot of leftoevers.  Nothing is more frugal than making your kids help eat the leftovers for dinner one night.

I feel succesful this week.  But I feel successful as long as we aren't eating hot sauce.
Next weeks ads aren't looking that exciting, so I am looking for a bit of inspiration.  Anyone?

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